The abstract expressionist paintings of Ed Belbruno reflect both inner and outer realities. Belbruno draws inspiration from his subconscious and his personal life, but is also deeply influenced by his research in math, science, and astrophysics. A former NASA scientist with a doctorate in mathematics, Belbruno’s art plays with concepts of time and dimension, microwave radiation from the “Big Bang,” alien landscapes, and night skies. Likewise, his painting sparks ideas for scientific discoveries and mathematical formulas. Belbruno sees art and science as working in concert, balancing out the intuition, creativity, and logic needed for both of his passions. Approaching his work with a spirit of “chaotic discovery,” he constantly experiments with new styles and explores in different directions. Regardless of the medium or approach, Belbruno’s paintings search for beauty in the universe, harmony in the cosmos, and his own feelings in the here and now.

Belbruno currently lives in New Jersey, where he balances his full-time art career with a position at Princeton University and Yeshiva University. He recently received Germany's prestigious Humboldt Award for his achievements in mathematics.

Art Statement

My paintings strive to project an alternate sense of reality which is not solely based on what is visible, but another reality projected by allowing my subconscious to freely express itself. They also reflect the fact that I am also a mathematician and astrophysicist. My mathematics deals with chaotic motions, but when I create art, my mind is in a completely different mode driven by my subconscious. When practicing math and science, the subconscious helps only for a few seconds to come up with the initial idea for a theory, but the majority of the work is carried out by abiding to strict laws of logic. However, while painting, the subconscious is at work throughout the entirety of time needed to complete a painting.

My art has evolved significantly over the years, from natural recognizable elements to pure abstract expressionism and from bold, textured brush strokes to a subtle color palette. My latest work expresses who I am at this very moment, and I am looking forward to the new direction it will take in the future.